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Dennis Klemming

This website is my home on the Internet. If you want to get in touch with me, Dennis Klemming or with Prudent Group please klick the contact button below.

How can Dennis Klemming help you?​

Prudent Group and me Dennis Klemming is a diversified alternative asset management firm pursuing diverse and unique opportunity sets across different industry sectors, asset classes, and geographies. 


With over 30 years of global capital market investment expertise and leadership. Dennis Klemming is your man when it comes to financial advice.

Track record​

Dennis has a proven track-record of generating consistent returns across investment strategies.


Dennis Klemming has financed over $2B across investment strategies since 2011.

Mentions and projects​

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Meet Dennis Klemming

The Prudent Group are a very innovative company that work with providing working capital to small and midcap businesses. Dennis Klemming is the Chairman of Prudent Group.

Dennis Klemming

Meet Dennis Klemming

Meet Dennis Klemming, a Swedish entrepreneur and sports enthusiast hailing from Stockholm….

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