Dennis Klemming and Prudent

Dennis i one of the most Innovative business men in U.S. and Europe

A Magazine – Acquisition International, a subsidiary of AI Global Media based in the United Kingdom, recently sat down with Dennis Klemming, the global President of the Prudent Group, to discuss the company’s status as the “Most Innovative Hedge Fund Manager for 2016: U.S. / Europe,” as well as their approach to business and the solutions they are offering to the market. The Prudent Group is a major player in the Brazilian financial industry, with offices in Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre and investor relations in Luxembourg, Vienna, Miami, and New York. The company has a strong global presence and is dedicated to staying at the forefront of innovation in the field of hedge fund management.

Dennis Klemming on the importance

Dennis Klemming, President of the Prudent Group, emphasized the importance of the Brazilian market for the company’s expansion into the South American region. “Our recognition as the most innovative Hedge Fund in the U.S. and Europe in 2016 is a direct reflection of our strategic focus on Brazil,” he said.

The Prudent Group specializes in providing financing and working capital solutions for small and medium-sized businesses with predictable transaction flows, often serving as suppliers to larger industrial buyers. The company aims to establish long-term relationships with this business chain and facilitate access to capital by creating predictability in financial operations among companies.

In Brazil, traditional channels for investment and working capital have been unable to meet the needs of the market, often being large, bureaucratic financial institutions that leave high-potential companies without access to bank financing for their financial needs and growth capacity.

Dennis Klemming and the Brazilian flag
The Brazilian flag

Recently, the Prudent Group has received approval to distribute its fund products locally in Germany and Sweden to well-informed investors. In addition, the company is launching a new sub-fund, the Prudent Enhanced Yield Fund, which will be insured by a leading global AA-rated insurance company and target very large corporate payees with their own investment grade ratings.

Klemming also recognized the contributions of the entire Prudent Group team, including local head Giovanni Cataldi Neto, Edivaldo Albuquerque, Edson Luis Paulino, Mario Delbianco, Ralph Levy, Jacob Gitman, Luciano de Claro, Jon Malmsater, Isaias Melo, Alfred Neimke, and David Kallus. “This award is not only for our investment team, but for all of the hardworking team members in Brazil and elsewhere,” he said.

The “2016 Most Innovative Hedge Fund Manager: U.S. / Europe” award was presented by Revista AI (Acquisition International), a publication of AI Global Media based in the United Kingdom. This award recognizes the Prudent Group’s significant work in the global financial industry.

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